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Practitioner Directory / Christina Chia-Lougheed

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Christina Chia-Lougheed

Remedial Massage Therapist + TCM Practitioner


Christina comes from a family with a rich background in both Eastern and Western medicine. With both of her parents being Chinese Physicians and her oldest brother running a clinic in Campbelltown as a General Practitioner, Christina has been deeply influenced by their approach to patient care and has witnessed the positive results they achieved.

After completing a 5-year study in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore, Christina obtained an Associate Degree and gained practical experience by practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Massage (Tu Nai) at the college clinic for two years. In 1992, her mother sent her to Shanghai, China to further her education in Traditional Chinese Massage (Tu Nai) at Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University.

For the past five years, Christina has been dedicated to practicing as a remedial massage therapist, running her own clinic in Caringbah. Her passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine, combined with her extensive training, allows her to deliver effective treatments and achieve optimal results for her patients.

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