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Emily Vidler



Emily’s journey into the world of natural health started much the same way as most people do, off the back of chronic health issues for which she had no answers for over many years. Emily is now an accredited practitioner and has studied several modalities including Bach Flower Remedies, Iridology, Clinical Western Herbal Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition. Her approach to healing centres around thorough investigation, treating the underlying cause of the health concern, treating the person holistically using a combination of testing, lifestyle changes, herbal medicines, nutrition advice and nutritional supplementation if necessary (food as medicine first). Emily operates her practice under the guiding principles of Naturopathy: • First Do no harm • The healing power of nature • Identify and treat the underlying cause • Practitioner as Teacher • Treat the whole person • Prevention She believes there is no such thing as a one size fits all treatment plan, and aims to improve quality of life, restore vitality as well as empowering clients with the knowledge to take charge of their own health journey beyond her practice.

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