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Justine Lawes

Yoga Instructor


Justine Lawes is a highly experienced and passionate yoga teacher who has dedicated over two decades to the study and practice of yoga. With a background in remedial massage and a 200hr RYT certification in traditional Hatha yoga, Justine brings a unique perspective to her teaching style that emphasises hands-on assistance with technique, alignment, and a nurturing touch.

Justine's journey as a yoga practitioner began over 20 years ago as an enthusiastic student, drawn to the connection between movement, breath, and space. She discovered the transformative power of this connection and deepened her practice, eventually becoming a teacher to share her knowledge and passion with others.

Justine believes that yoga is a journey of self-discovery and growth and that there is no right or wrong way to practice. The key is simply showing up on the mat and being present in each moment. With her extensive experience and dedication to the practice, Justine offers a safe and supportive environment for her students to explore their own potential and find their own path in yoga.

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  • Embrace the balance of body and mind through traditional Hatha poses.

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