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Kristy Ismay

Energy Healing Practitioner


Kristy is a Certified Energetic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master and Certified Chakra Activation Method Practitioner. She brings people back to a state of balance, peace and ease so that they can live their lives with a sense of freedom and flow.Kristy loves working in this beautiful space and has always been inspired to help people live their best lives. Many of her clients come to see her for a “tune up” or when they want more alignment, clarity or spiritual growth. Others come to her when things aren’t flowing right in their lives and they are seeking support to uncover the blocks that are holding them back.

She is passionate about educating her clients about all things energy, frequency, vibration, signs and quantum reality.Kristy provides self-healing energy tips to everyone who comes to see her, sharing how it affects us and how to utilise it.Kristy holds a Diploma of Energetic Health from Nature Care College and is a Certified CAM Practitioner after completing the Chakra Activation Method Course. Kristy is an active board member of the IEHA, International Energetic Healing Association. 

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