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Nicole Forrest

Spiritual Leader + Consciousness Guide


Nicole is a master guide of consciousness, meditation, and spirituality offering extensive experience as a channel, mystic and psychic medium with a deep connection to the metaphysical world. Nicole is here to guide you back to YOU.

Her practices include reiki, energetic and somatic healing, reading the akashic records, hypnotherapy, guided meditation and journey work, connection to your spirit team and loved ones plus a completely holistic approach to your diet, sleep, movement and meditation practices.

With students all over the world, Nicole has been changing people's lives and transforming their love for self and those around them.

Her deep connection to the higher planes of consciousness unveils all access points and opportunities within your own connection.

She has been in ceremony with tribes across Mexico & the USA learning and studying ancient traditions of healing practices including plant medicine, breath-work, chanting and healing techniques.

an ancient living in a modern world, she is here to bridge the two worlds for a unique approach to your journey of self-discovery.

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