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Practitioner Directory / Pauline Dastugue

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Pauline Dastugue

Holistic Wellness Practitioner


Through her study and life experiences Pauline combines the many avenues of healing to support her clients on their journey to greater health.

As a C.H.E.K integrative health coach, she combines knowledge of functional anatomy while understanding the relationship between the musculoskeletal system, glands, organs as well as posture and breathing to create a full picture of the human body and its interconnected systems.

To overcome pain, injuries, and lifestyle challenges she offers various services such as relaxation and bodywork massage treatments, holistic lifestyle coaching, and corrective holistic exercise programs along with Hatha, Yin, and Meditation classes.

As a Teen Flow Empowerment Teacher on a mission to inspire young hearts and minds. With a genuine passion for holistic well-being, Popo brings a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern empowerment to her teachings.

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