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Private Kundalini Reiki

  • 1 h
  • 88 Australian dollars
  • True Woo Cronulla


Kundalini Reiki is a simple form of energy healing which anyone can learn. It works by using intention to improve the flow of life force energy throughout the body - since blockages can cause physical or emotional dis-ease, to restore harmony and health to the physical and emotional body. The aim of Kundalini Reiki is to open certain healing channels and chakras to give you access to Universal energy. Chakras is a Sanskrit word for “wheel”. It refers to the energy centres in your body that spin and correspond to bundles of nerves and major organs - if they become blocked, it can affect our emotional and physical wellbeing. There are no prerequisite courses or certificates to learn and practice Kundalini Reiki. I am a Kundalini Reiki Master with the ability to pass on all 3 levels of Kundalini Reiki to YOU, if you are feeling called to receive it. You are welcome to book a healing session to feel it for yourself and go from there.

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